The Journey of Becoming a Business Owner...

So at the end of April I decided it was time to fire my boss and become my own. Kimeera Spa has always been my goal. I had a big fat tax return so decided to invest in my future. This whole process is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Especially since I quit my job and whole month before my Grand Opening. BUT God is good! I ran into my old esthetics instructor and she offered me some part-time work to hold me over.  

One thing that is constantly amazing me is the frequency of "Divine Intervention", I guess that what I'll call it, but things are constantly falling into place with little to no resistance. I needed help painting... Boom 1 1/2 volunteers pop-up! (I can't call my boyfriend a volunteer because he was going to help regardless. Lol) 


I needed a sign and the one I got a quote for was over $1,000. Then BOOM Vistaprint is having a 30% sale and I get my sign for $75. Next, I was buying furniture for my spa at Homegoods and the Manager offers me a discount for taking a survey and picking some slightly used furniture and I walk out with $350 worth of product for $200!!  I mean how much of a blessing is that! 


Later on, I get the idea to hire a publist and the one I originally wanted to hire was unavailable, but as I'm pouting my co-worker refers me to her friend who's very talented and looking to become a full-time Publicist. We meet up and the meeting goes wonderfully. She's finishing all my sentences and she's totally lined up with the vision I have in mind. As the meeting is closing I ask the big question, "What's the bottom line? What are your rates?", to my complete shock she offers her services for free, with the hopes that this will foster a lucrative long-term relationship! 

I know things will continue on like this, and if they don't I keep pressing forward anyway. Kimeera Spa is coming and I want everyone to be apart of the birth of this dream. I'm inviting everyone who will hear to my Grand Opening, if you haven't gotten your FREE ticket get it now.